Why Men Disappear? You know the scenario all too well. You’re dating a guy and everything is going great. The chemistry is amazing. You’re actually thinking you’ve found “THE ONE.”

You’ve never felt more comfortable.  He’s saying and doing all the right things. And then “BAM” out of the blue, he does a complete 160. Your partner begins to distant himself without a trace or reason.

He turns into someone completely different! You try contacting him and all your attempts falls to deaf ears.As a result, you begin to panic and start pursuing them, psycho texting, emailing, or calling, and to no avail, each method of contact goes unanswered.

So, why does it continue to happen? Why do men or women repeat this pattern? Well, before we start exploring the reasons let me assure you that in most cases it’s not your fault!

Unless you are the psycho, controlling, insecure woman who often use emotional manipulation to get what you want. A man disappearing act has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

A word of Caution: Rarely does emotional manipulation tactic work for long — once exposed — your partner can easily notice the manipulative tactics and are quickly turned off.  You know ladies the sulking, pouting, nurturing, self-pitying, and martyrdom. Dump those ideas now. Honest self-affirmations and faith in yourself is your key to happiness.

My Gorjez Friend, When the right person comes along you will know it. Stop dwelling on your pain, and start exploring who you are.

Now back to why a man vanishes, the reasons most men pull a Houdini and suddenly disappear can usually be pinned down to one of three things:


I know this may be hard for you to wrap your arms around, but some men lie and tell you what you want to hear. They will say and do all the right things and then in a flash they will show you that their actions no longer back up their words.These type of men are very aware if they tell you the truth from the beginning of the relationship you wouldn’t allow them to get away with their selfish, immature and insensitive behavior.

Therefore, instead of showing you their true colors from the beginning they pretend until they get what they want.Men like this tend to disappear once they get what they want or the relationship is no longer working for them. They also pull a disappearing act when they begin to realize the woman is on to their B.S. Hence,so before they are exposed for the cowardly frauds that they are, these type men typically will check out and move on to their next victim.


Unbelievably, men get afraid too. In fact, fear is a human condition that runs rampant in every human being walking the planet. Some men express their fear by running away (or pulling away).

Please pay very close attention to this very valid point: It’s not that men want to be dishonest, they just don’t know how to be upfront without being confronted with all the drama! Which most men are not weird to handle. On the other hand, some men are afraid of telling you the truth because they don’t want to hurt you–not realizing by being dishonest they are actually hurting you even more.

For some men disappearing could be “fear of commitment and intimacy.” Unconscious fears runs deep into the psyche of some men much like those stubborn weeds which permeate deep into the soil.


For some men the disappearing act is often triggered by confusion. They simply do not know what they want. Dating a man like this is often an emotional roller- coaster. You’re up one day and down the next.

In some instances, confused men simply need some space and time to figure things out.

But for others because their confusion has more to do with “unconscious fears.’ The confusion can only be eliminated by a man taking the time to do some deep soul searching or seeking professional help.

Yes, your bruised ego would feel better knowing the exact reason(s) why your guy suddenly disappeared, nevertheless he stopped! The sooner you realize and accept this, the better off you’ll be in the long run. Remember, if he wanted to see/speak to you, he would.

The great news is you’re better off without him. It’s not uncommon for a woman to blame or question herself when a man suddenly disappears- that’s the way most women are wired. It is my aim to help you understand that as long as you were being true to yourself, you have no reason(s) to feel remorse. Beside, the burden of deceit falls solely on his shoulders and not yours!

The key to creating great results in your love life is being able to break the spell and make better, smarter, and healthier choices. He may have left you, but don’t let him take your dignity with him.

A Gorjez Self Reflective Moment

If you reflect back before the vanishing act you will notice the subtle clues. I always advise my clients to take time and evaluate their potential partner past relationship history. By doing so often helps them to put the vanishing act into perspective.

In order to date successfully, you must be resilient and see the big picture. You may not know exactly why your guy cut off communication without an explanation. However, learn to embrace the good times and better experiences are beyond the horizon- not only with a new partner, but with improving yourself.

Think Different| Think Gorjez!

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