The Gay Rights Movement in History

The Gay Rights Movement in History
The Gay Rights Movement in History

Free will is an instinctive part of human nature; every person desires to live their life on their own terms. Regardless to where people live in the world the quest for freedom, love and recognition are strong motivators of behavior along with the pursuit of the necessities of life and power.

It is obvious that life is a dichotomy; much like a chess game there are two sides in play and it is no different within the gay rights movement. While all people desire to have freedom and a certain amount of control over what happens in their life, there are individuals with the desire to control the way people live.

It is not realistic to presume that everyone is the same; individuals with the “live and let live” attitude may find it difficult to understand why others do not share this perspective. But the reality of society today shows us that part of our existence requires accepting the fact that there are individuals who feel it is their duty to impose certain standards for the benefit of society.

The real question in the gay rights movement is: how is it possible to peacefully coexist with individuals who are afraid of homosexuals?

Understanding that the gay rights movement is linked to our inherent free will and the battle for control of it can help calm the emotional response. Historically human sexuality has been one part of our lives filled with much superstition and fear. The power of sexuality is undeniable; it is through this aspect of our existence that the human race is perpetuated and many people feel for this reason alone, our sexual behavior must be controlled.

The first reference used to justify many of the acts that have been imposed upon homosexuals is religious in nature. In the early days of organized society religion was used as the cornerstone for sexual behavior. The Mosaic Law was used to organize many of the basic precepts in our society that in turn were translated into the civil and criminal code of governments.

The biblical references to homosexuality have been held up as a banner to justify much of the sexual oppression that has been levied upon individuals who proclaim their sexual preference for the same sex. Many organized religious groups clung to a subconscious fear for the extinction of the human race as their justification for some of the most extremist acts against homosexuals in history.

Although we are now in the 21st century, with thousands of advancements that helped society to evolve to its present state, there are still individuals whose attitudes are prehistoric when it comes to accepting that love knows no gender.
The rise in the choice of homosexuality in the 20th century has given many proponents evidence to refute and dispel many of the myths and superstitions regarding relationships between people of the same sex. The gay rights movement has established the fact that that a person’s sexual preference is a private concern and should no more be used to discriminate against an individual than age, gender, creed, nationality or race.

In many people’s view it would be Utopia if the choices people make for the way they live and who they love would be accepted. The reality of the gay rights movement today shows that progress has been made as the prevalence of same-sex unions has been revealed. Living in fear with the need to control that was the order of the day is being replaced by empathy and deeper understanding. It’s becoming clear to many that supporting the gay rights movement is essential to safeguarding all human rights as well.

Francis Meyer is a part-time copywriter for Blue Fuss. Blue Fuss offers jewelry and gifts that celebrate gay rights movement in history and gay marriages.


The Gay Rights Movement in History
Saturday, July 9, 2016
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Francis Meyer


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