Reach Customers Through Digital Marketing. Everybody wants to get into a business of their own to make money online. Digital Online Marketing has become one of the top online Business. There is enough to go around, IF, you know how to digital market online. The difference between a successful online marketer and a newbie is that you have to know the needs of your audience and be able to resolve their problems.

In this article, you will discover what it takes to set yourself apart from other competitors to have a chance at being successful. I have designed a simple digital marketing plan that has helped me in the past couple of months. This digital marketing plan is a good fit for any type of business.  You will be able to define and target  your market, set a budget and create Ad content  in 5 easy steps.

Are you ready? let’s begin!

First Step in Digital Marketing is to Define Your Audience

Reach Customers Through Digital Marketing in 5 Easy Steps
Reach Customers Through Digital Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

This step is very important. After defining your product and getting your domain set up for your online business, you need to start defining your audience. You will want to brainstorm for this step and think of who your product will cater to. Who will it mainly help?

– Will your product be for male or female? Or both?

– Are their age restrictions?

– Are there physical limitations involved?

– Do you have to be in a certain occupation?

– Are there income limitations?

– Does the customer need any type of spending budget?

– Is it a work from home opportunity or not?

The key to this step, is finding out who your customer is by figuring out their needs and how to meet their needs.

The Second step to a great Digital Marketing Campaign is Target Your Audience

All types of thoughts may come to mind. You may even have some questions:

Reach Customers Through Digital Marketing
Reach Your Target Audience Through Digital Marketing

– How will you target your audience?

– What do you do?

– What type of Advertising would you do?

– Where will you post your ads?

You will want to create ads which are simple and easy solutions to their problems. Next you will need to post those ads in several places within your business site. In order for your message to be retained reputation is key.

The more they see your ads, the more popular you will become. Here are some pointers that will help you with targeting your audience;

– When signing up to social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a helpful tip is for you to check out your audience traffic, how many places they are link to (also known as external linking), search engines replacements (i.e Bing, Dog pile, Quora, etc.)

– Research to get a feel of the amount of competitors in your market.

– Find free websites, blogs and forums that will cross-promote your ads.

The above ideas will help not only help you create a clear message; it will provide great ad placement for your targeted audience.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an awesome, effective strategy for online marketers as well. The income levels are endless.  In fact,  by picking keywords that potential clients are utilizing while searching for your product will return incredible outcomes. Finally, by monitoring the daily statistics of your PPC campaigns you can choose different keywords to see which one is the most effective.

I would advise for a newbie to online marketing to stick with the option that allows you to set your daily spending limits. Google AdWords has a good PPC campaign system that’s designed for any experience level.

Oops, I almost forgot to mention the Conversion Rates. In order to have more success with your campaign, you will need to determine what you are wanting to measure. Are you wanting to measure sales orders? Free E-book downloads? New Subscribers? Conversion rates are simply the number of clicks it takes to get to your targeted measure. For example: If your capture page gets 2000 visits, 15 clicks and 2 sales per day, you would have a conversion rate of 2:15 or 13%. Which means 13% of the clicks are bringing in sales to you.

Third Set Your Budget!

You may wonder why this was not discussed in the first step. Well, in order to set a more effective budget for your ad campaign, you will need to know how much it cost to run a campaign for your targeted audience. You may come across some free advertisement techniques during your research. Just be consistent in whatever measure you decide to take.

First, you will need to create a Word Excel Spreadsheet and list all the ads you will like to engage in. Next you need to list the ads starting with the cheapest to the most costly. Then decide which ads would bring you the most effective results while paying attention to what fits your budget. Do not overspend. That is the reason for you setting up your budget.

The ad you didn’t choose, just save them for a later time for when your budget can accommodate them. In other words put the unused ads on HOLD.

Fourth Create Ad Content

Never overwhelm your targeted audience with too much information! Do not try to sell all your products at once, narrow it down to selling maybe one or two. You want to keep the attention of your targeted audience and you will have a higher chance of them buying. If you write content that is cluttered or not true, you will loose your audience very quickly. Bad news spreads fast. Be honest in your ads and give only keys pointers to how this product will meet their needs to solve their problems.

Make it attractive but keep it short and sweet. Use action words that have emotion, e.g. fun and exciting. Do not put all eggs into one basket. You can use your extra products to up sell the orders or to present to them at a later time at a discounted price. Don’t sway away your prospective buyers. In this case, the more simple, the better. Only sell to your audience what they can use. For example, if your targeted audience is an online marketer, would you sell them a viral blogging platform or hockey sticks? See the logic here?

When writing ads, always focus on the audience at hand and not yourself. Use words like “You” & “Yours” in your ads. DO NOT use “I”, “My” & “Mine”. Make sure your marketing campaign has keyword (s) and that they are used at least 4 times in your ad. If you have banners that are related to the campaigns you are running, keep the banner updated with what you are selling.

Now that I got your attention, lets move on to the final step in the marketing plan…

Fifth Thing TO Do—— Don’t forget to monitor your campaigns



And Track!

This is a must do thing! You have to track your campaigns to measure the effectiveness and progression. This is a major part of how successful your campaign will be. You need to know which campaigns are working for you. To figure this out you will need to do some comparisons using the website and PPC statistics. You can check on the volumes and analyze where you are seeing the best results.

You will need to monitor your campaigns for about 3 weeks to ensure your paying for good results and not just clicks. Also if you have multiple campaigns running it would be a good idea to create separate entries on your website for each ad.

In the event you notice that some of  your campaigns are not doing well end that campaign and go back to step 3 and choose one of the ads ideas that you have on your HOLD list, if it fits your budget. Once you get more experienced in Internet Marketing Campaigns, you will not have to check your campaigns on a daily basis, you will know what works and what doesn’t.


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