Kissable Lips On Valentine’s Day! 14th February is Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year. So while you are planning for a perfect day with your sweetheart do not forget the small, but important details. You have your dress ready, you have the perfect hair do, you even have the perfect gift, but your look would not be complete until you have the perfectly kissable lips. After all what good would a date at a fancy restaurant do if you can’t enjoy a kiss later?

Valentine’s Day is the day when probably everyone is expecting a kiss, and so you should be prepared. The lips tend to dry in the cold weather and therefore you need to take special care of them if you want to show off that new Gorjez lip color you purchased for you valentine’s day date.

Our skin is comprised of three layers that help protect our skin against various factors like dust, heat etc. but the skin on our lips is much thinner and it does not have any sweat glands to protect it.

Lips that are dry, cracked and chapped can never look good. So we need to make sure to take the necessary measures to keep our Gorjez lips from drying out.

Here Are A Few Tips That Can Come In Handy

1. What is the best ingredients for lip balm?: Your lips can be really sensitive to environment. Extreme cold can leave your lips dry and chapped. A lip balm is the solution to chapped lips. It can keep your lips from drying out and cracking. Too much sun is also not good for the lips either, therefore choose a lip balm that has the following ingredients:

  • Shea butter, a nourishing super hero.
  • Olive oil, an anti-ageing powerhouse.
  • Argan oil to chase chapped lips.
  • Honey, to nurse wounds back to health.
  • Sweet almond oil, a dynamic moisturiser.
  • Cocoa butter for a comfy kiss.
  • Coconut oil for a protective shield.

2. Exfoliate Your Lips: Sugar is a natural abrasive, and can remove dead cells easily. To get best results, mix equal amounts of olive oil in sugar and stir till if forms a paste. Put the mixture on your lips and leave it for a minute.

3. Licking is Bad: While licking can seem to be the most easiest and obvious way to wet the dry lips it is actually harmful. The saliva can damage the lips even more and take away the moisture, so resist the temptation of licking your lips and use natural lip balm for your Gorjez lips instead.

4. Keep Them Hydrated: We know how important moisture is for the lips and in order to retain the moisture you need to keep your lips hydrated. Drink lots of water. If you have a heat on in the house then try to have a humidifier as well, because heat can really dry out the skin as well as those lips.

The above mentioned tips tell you how to keep your lips looking healthy. However, the healthy looking lips are actually the basis for the luscious and sexy look that you want to carry for your valentine. So you might be wondering how to get that irresistible look that would actually last till your dinner date ends? Well read on to find out:

How to have Kissable Lips On Valentine's Day!
How to have Kissable Lips On Valentine’s Day!



  • Before applying Gorjez lipstick you need to define your lips with a Gorjez lip liner. Choose a liner which is the same color as your Gorjez lipstick and draw the outline of your lips.

  • Once you have the shape, use a tint. The tint color should also match the color of your Gorjez lipstick. The tint actually helps to stain your lips which keeps the color on for a longer time. Things like eating and drinking does not take off your Gorjez  lipstick due to the tint and your lips will remain just as luscious as you intended them to be. There are many types of tints available in our Gorjez line. Choose the one you want and give your Kissable lips the shine that you are looking for.

  • Now is the time for that Gorjez Matt lipstick. Apply your Gorjez Matt lipstick with a brush. Fill in the color and remove the excess with the help of a tissue.

  • Here’s a little extra tip to keep your lips Kissable and looking beautiful for long. After applying your Gorjez Matt lipstick take a tissue and put them on your lips and then dust some translucent powder over the tissue. Some of the powder will penetrate through the tissue onto your lips thus sealing the color in its place.

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