Issa Rae is taking her star power beyond television and going right back to the community.

The actress and writer teamed with Marriott International’s EmpowerME and the National Black MBA Association and Prospanica Conference to discuss education and empowerment, which is an initiative from Marriott’s ongoing #LoveTravels campaign. On September 28 in Philadelphia, Marriott announced the EmpowerME: Debt Free to Travel Contest. This innovative campaign offers young professionals the chance to receive $50,000 towards tuition or student debt and 500,000 Marriott Rewards Points, which can be used for travel (entries can be submitted through the #LoveTravels website.

Issa Rae states; “It’s very clear that we are not a priority. I don’t think any people of color are a priority for this administration. I think that’s why things have to start on a ground level. We have to go back to organizing in a very grassroots way. My mom is a teacher. I feel like had an amazing education just because she was so active, making sure that she was having conversations with my teachers, being involved with PTA and having conversations with the principal. Maxine Waters was very active in the Los Angeles school system. Having role models, parents and people on the ground level actively proposing changes and actively what their issues are is the only way because this administration is not prioritizing us by any means.”

Courtesy of BET | Written by Clay Cane |2017

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