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Are You An Alfa Female?

Are You An Alfa Female?

Are you an Alfa female? A strong woman doesn’t beg for attention and they most certainly don’t beg for love. If they are not happy in a relationship, they will walk away—with no regrets.   The Alfa Female have a strong inner feeling when things are about to ...
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A GORJEZ Woman Define in 6 Steps

Become A GORJEZ Sexy Woman Every Man Admire

Welcome to Gorjez Magazine! This site is built with you in mind the ‘Sexy New Woman’ every man admire. Gorjez Magazine vision and mission is two folds 1) delivering awareness to the internal you! No matter the journey, you will find articles that will inspire and elevate you ...
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Fads, Trends and Classics - What Do These Fashion Terms Mean?

Fashion Trend & Fads Bringing It All Together

Fashion can be a fickle world. Some come and go quickly. Some stay for a short visit and some become our new best friends. When you understand how fashion works, you can learn to make wiser fashion choices. ...
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Catfishing: Who's Watching You?

Catfishing: Who’s Watching You?

Catfishing Who’s Watching You? What is the cause of the Catfish Craze? Social Media has become an amazing stage for sharing thoughts, visions, and missions. This platform is an awesome channel for getting the message out. Unfortunately, not all are using this amazing tool for all it’s intent ...
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Attitude Tips to Help You Get Awesome

 Attitude! Tips to Help You Get Awesome!! If I told you there was something that could change your results faster and more dramatically than anything else, would you listen? Would you sign up? Well, pay close attention because the cure is free, readily within your grasp and relatively ...
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