Are people of color are fattened the pockets to the generation of Asians while contributing to the economic demise of their own families?

Asians families who set up businesses in black Communities don’t particularly care for people of color . In fact, some actually despise the African American race. But I’m not telling you nothing you don’t already know.  However, are you aware of the fact you are their food and economic slaves? Slaves that have fattened the pockets of generation of Asians while contributing to the economic demise of your own people?  Are you really conscious of their main objective?

Are Asians Pimping Black America?
Are Asians Pimping Black America?

Believe it or not there are classes in Korea and China that teach other Asians how black folks think, dress and act. They hold seminars on how to appeal and influence the black mind; yeah, basic psychology classes.

According to Aaron Ranen’s 2006 Black Hair documentary he estimates that Koreans own close to 60% of the Black hair care industry market share. And as we speak, they are closing in on the remaining handful of black manufacturing companies that have managed to stay afloat. The one million dollar question is: “How were they able to get this monopoly?”

Are Asians Pimping Black America?
Are Asians Pimping Black America?

 “In 1965, the Korean Wig merchants joined together and convinced the Korean government to outlaw the export of raw hair,” said Aron Ranen, a filmmaker who has documented the marginalization of African-American entrepreneurs in the hair care industry in the film Black Hair. “[This ban] made it so that one can only buy the pre-made wigs and extensions.” In other words, Korean hair could only be manufactured in Korea. “Six months later, the United States government created a ban on any wig that contains hair from China,” effectively putting South Korea in prime position to exploit the market.

The business structure helped set up many Korean entrepreneurs in the sale of wigs and over the past five decades, wig stores have evolved to become full fledged beauty supply stores where hair for weaves and extensions represent the top selling products. Since then, it’s been a chain reaction as one store beget another; family members and employees of one store owner duplicated the business. According to said Dr. Kyeyoung Park, associate professor of anthropology and Asian American Studies at UCLA, competition also played a role in the proliferation. “Korean immigrants are more concerned with peer competition,” she said. “If one is running a business so well, then another Korean will open up a  similar business very quickly.”

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he Koreans may hire a black- face once and awhile to buck- dance and show other people of color around the store. But that’s only done to help bridge the language barrier and boost sales. However, you’ll notice they never hire caucasians. Why? Because they will be all up in their business; looking through their packages, writing down their distributors and formulating a plan to make money for themselves. Meanwhile, a black employee will simply yes- sir boss and tell other blacks how to spend their money.

At what point do black folks decide that enough is enough? When do we systematically finance the future of our own children instead of others? What will it take to make black folks angry enough to start a revolt? Honestly, at this point an economic war is the only solution. If not now then when?

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