5 Steps to Getting Over Your Ex


5 Steps to Getting Over Your Ex and reconnect with your inner-self.

But please remember, I can give you a saw, a screwdriver, and a hammer, but they will not build a house. The key to getting over an Ex is mastering your thoughts! You have to take responsibility for your life, because if you don’t, somebody else will.

1. Remember to breathe

The first step to getting over your Ex is to breathe. If you consciously remember to breathe a few times throughout the day, you will be commanding your mind to relax. A relaxed mind is an open mind which will develop your discipline, which leads to even more self-mastery.

2. Watch for self-criticism

If you simply begin to watch your own self-talk, you’ll begin to recognize that self-critical voice when it kicks in. Change your self-talk and you’ll be on a fast track to a more positive and empowered relationship with yourself and the world around you.

3. Start your day right

Begin every day by saying to yourself, “Every day, in every single way, I am feeling happier, more confident, more positive, and more worthwhile in the world and I am grateful for life, and my purpose in life” Saying this simple statement every morning will begin to create a set of pathways in your mind that will begin to manifest that statement and bring it into your life.

4. Speak in positives

Remember that your unconscious mind does not process negatives, so when you’re speaking to it, always speak in positives. For example, avoid saying “I am not self-critical anymore.” Your mind will delete the “not” and process the rest, giving you more of what you don’t want. Instead, state the positive. For example, “I am more self-accepting than ever before!”

5. Embrace the new!

Opening up to new ideas, learning, experiences, and understanding is very empowering. It also opens you to abundance. Welcome new learning and your mind will love you for it!

“Our minds are actually wired to explore new things. That is great news for those of us who want to grow, expand, and embrace our own genius! Yes, we are wired to learn and integrate new information and experiences in every moment. So how do we reconnect with that aspect of ourselves that often gets forgotten? By remembering that an open mind brings you joy, and a closed mind brings you, well, very little.”  –  Derek O’Neill

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