The one true threat to a relationship is doubt. Trust is the foundation without which a relationship cannot exist. Doubt is the absence of trust. Whether or not there is a reason to doubt your partner’s fidelity, once there is doubt, you are robbed of your peace of mind.

Oftentimes, due to some type of flaw in your personality, (perhaps caused by parental neglect), you tend to automatically doubt the dependability of any relationship(s), or it could be that you had previously been traumatized by an unfaithful partner and you haven’t fully recovered yet. In such cases, it is necessary for you to heal fully before you start a new relationship.

Negative thoughts gives rise to questions that produce more doubt. And this leads to a downward spiral of increasing misery. If you see yourself being pulled into this spiral, there are only two things you can do, kill the doubt or end the relationship.

Sometimes the doubt is actually caused by your partner’s unfaithful act. This becomes the real challenge because most relationships do not go any further and just end there.

But there is another important ingredient to a relationship that is sometimes overlooked. Not only are relationships built on trust but also on hope. Supposing your partner is in fact guilty of infidelity, it is still your choice to forgive and put this issue behind you.

Relationships are built between two imperfect human beings whose flaws make them vulnerable to moments of weakness. It is therefore necessary that both of you accept each other’s frailty; and when one do commit a mistake, it is the person responsibility to ensure that it is not repeated.

Rebuilding trust entail patience and understanding between the both of parties and not merely the sole burden of the guilty partner.

To hope is to believe that trust can be restored despite the existence of a reason to doubt.

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